Provider Level Performance Reports

All ASPIRE sites now have access to their reports.    

The individual provider reports are now available in Galileo. If your hospital requested ‘identified’ then you will see provider names. If your site requested ‘anonymized,' then you will see staff IDs.  

To view the provider reports:

  • Log in to Galileo and go to your dashboard
  • Select any measure
  • Once the measure screen opens, select the new ‘View Providers’ button 

Access to the dashboards are limited ASPIRE Quality Champions, the Anesthesiology Clinical Quality Reviewers (ACQRs) and anyone approved to see the provider reports by the ASPIRE Quality Champion.  Individual providers accessing Galileo through the performance feedback emails should ONLY be able to view their own report.

As always, in the spirit of quality of improvement, ASPIRE does not support the use of this data to penalize providers who are performing lower than threshold.

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