Funding Michigan Sites

Funding Opportunities for Michigan sites through Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan (BCBSM)

All payments to the participating hospital will be handled directly through the hospital and BCBSM.

Funding for sites with an Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Year One Estimated Capital Reimbursements

Computer Equipment and Software

Primary Site

Secondary Sites
on the
Same EHR Instance

SQL Server 2012 local database and virtual machine $  8,000 $  2,000
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 site license
(if no site license is available)
$  5,000 or 0 $         0
Professional fee billing company reimbursement
(funds to obtain professional fee data from billing company)
$  3,000 $  1,000
Site hospital IT to deploy EHR interface $40,000 $10,000
Total first year capital costs $56,000 or $51,000 Variable

Year One Estimated FTE Reimbursements


Primary Site

Secondary Site(s)

Anesthesiology Clinical Quality Reviewer (ACQR) - 0.4 FTE $35,000-$43,000† $35,000-$43,000†
Total first year capital costs $35,000 - $43,000† $35,000 - $43,000

Estimated Ongoing Reimbursements - Year 2 and Beyond


Primary Sites

Secondary Site(s)




Anesthesiology Clinical Quality Reviewer (ACQR) - 0.4 FTE






Operating Costs



Hospital IT maintenance of data interface

$  8,000


Total Variable Variable

†Salary and capital reimbursements are estimates and may be adjusted