MPOG Background

The Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group was founded in 2008 as a research consortium.  The goals were to develop the necessary policies, procedures, and technical infrastructure required for multicenter perioperative outcomes research.

Currently, the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG) is a consortium of 49 anesthesiology and surgical departments of institutions with perioperative information systems. Each uses a commercially available AIMS – a structured electronic medical record that replaces the paper pre-, and post-operative anesthesia records.

MPOG membership has expanded the use of perioperative data from electronic health records (EHR) to include not only research, but also quality improvement (QI) use case scenarios.   Detailed preoperative and intraoperative medication, physiologic, and staff data are aggregated across geographically and clinically diverse hospitals.  More than 4.5 million operations across 28 medical centers have already been aggregated at the University of Michigan Coordinating Center for MPOG.   These data are used to develop peer-reviewed publications to identify variations in care and optimal care patterns. 

Over the last year, MPOG developers have developed a benchmarking and provider feedback infrastructure based upon EHR data.   ASPIRE will expand the MPOG infrastructure to develop theses benchmarking measures and create a educational materials and provide feedback regarding variant practice patterns.

For more information visit the MPOG website